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Meet the SOTS Team

Our team comes from all over the US, 

here to help you be your best.  

We love our patients.


RENAE ARNN, MS/CCC-SLP, Speech/Language Pathologist

EI Coordinator

Master of Science in Communication and Disorders

James Madison University

I enjoy working with children of all ages especially in early intervention. It is beneficial to be able to collaborate with other Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists.

CULLEN COOKE, MA/CCC-SLP, Speech/Language Pathologist

Master of Arts

South Carolina State University

I enjoy seeing individuals begin to communicate more effectively in order to live a more fulfilled life.

AMANDA DAVIS, COTA, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

School Coordinator

Associates of Applied Science 

Jefferson College of Health Sciences

I have always had a passion for helping others and discovered OT my senior year of high school. I love what I do and I hope to make a difference in the lives of others.

WILLIAM "DENNY" DAVIS, OTR/L  Occupational Therapist

Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy

Winston-Salem State University 

I have been given a heart for people who are uniquely-abled! I am grateful for a vocation that reminds me to play and presents me with opportunities to practice lovingkindness everyday! My heart's desire is to help you meet your goals, both in therapy and in life. My prayer is that you would know these three things: You are loved! All things are possible! You can do hard things! See you soon!

LORI DOSS, MS/CCC-SLP, Speech/Language Pathologist

Master of Science 

Radford University

I enjoy working with patients of all ages. I love working with children and their families to improve their speech and language skills. I also enjoy working with adults and helping them improve communication and swallowing skills. It is very rewarding to celebrate progress made and goals achieved with our patients. 

Mason Moorefield, MS-CCC/SLP, Speech/Language Pathologist

Masters Communication Sciences and Disorders 

Longwood University

My passion in life is helping others, especially children, and that is why I chose the profession of speech-language pathology. I love helping my clients communicate more effectively and seeing them succeed and their confidence grow. Whether it be saying a sound correctly that they have been struggling with or using their AAC device to communicate for the first time or using their language skills to successfully communicate, my heart leaps for them. I love making a difference in their lives and helping them grow and succeed.

JANET LANGLEY, COTA, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Associates of Applied Science

Orange County Community College

I enjoying working with the patients and seeing them smile with their progress. The littlest steps are the biggest successes.

MAGGIE LEONARD, COTA, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Associate of Applied Science

Jefferson College of Health Sciences

I love working with the kids and seeing them meet their goals.

ELLEN MAXWELL, MEd/ASLP, Assistant Speech/Language Pathologist

Master of Education

Texas Christian University

I love the caring home atmosphere here. I like to make a difference in the lives of my patients.

Amie Boone, MA/CCC-SLP, EMBA

Speech/Language Pathologist

Clinical Director

Master of Arts in Communication 

Sciences & Disorders

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

I am most excited when I see you succeed.  It is rewarding to help others and I strive to create a prescriptive plan for each patient.  I love empowering parents and caregivers by giving them knowledge and ways they can help.  I can't wait to meet you!

AMBER MORAN, COTA, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Associates of Applied Science

Bachelors in Health Science

Jefferson College of Health Sciences

I love working with kids. It's rewarding developing relationships with the patients and watching the progress in therapy.

KRISTIE WILLIAMS, OTR/L Occupational Therapist

Master's of Occupational Therapy 

West Virginia University

I love being able to work with people of all ages. As an Occupational Therapist, I hope to help each person engage in activities that are important for them in his/her everyday life.  

Sara Peters, ASLP, Assistant Speech/Language Pathologist

 Bachelors in Science 

Radford University

I enjoy working with children of all ages. I love being able to help them increase their communication abilities to improve their overall quality of life.

JANIE-LYNN HILL,SLPA, Assistant Speech/Language 


Masters of Special Education

Bachelor of Science

Longwood University

I love working with children of all ages. The most rewarding part of working with children is when the parents tell me that their child is using what they learn at home or in the car ride home and that they see the difference speech is making for their child.   

Mitzi Giles, COTA Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Associates in Health Science  

Jefferson College

As a mom of an adult son with autism, I realized firsthand how important OT was in helping him reach his goals. That inspiration is what led me to OT. I love being able to think of creative ways to help people, of all ages, become more independent. I am blessed to be a part of the highly skilled team of therapists at SOTS and this rewarding profession. 

BETHANY HAMLETT, COTA, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Associate of Applied Science

ST. Catherine University 

My healthcare journey began a long time ago as a CNA and I started out in school working towards being an RN. Life happened and as I learned more about the field of OT, I knew this was a career that would be very rewarding. I also knew I would be able to help a lot of people overcome life's obstacles. My main goal is to help patients of any age to live successful and independent lives.

Melisa Hobrath, MS,CCC-SLP Speech/Language Pathologist

Master of Science in Speech Pathology  

East Carolina University

 I love people! I like to make speech therapy a fun, positive experience for children. I enjoy helping a child communicate more effectively which helps them have an improved quality of life.

KORTNEY PURYEAR, COTA, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Associate of Applied Science

Radford University Carilion 

Working with children has always been a passion of mine from babysitting to teaching them how to swim. As an OTA I get to work with children everyday and watch them strive to meet their goals.


Jessica Young, MS,CCC-SLP Speech/Language Pathologist

Master of Science in Speech Pathology  

Radford University


 "I truly love being a speech and language pathologist! I love getting to know all of my patients and their families and helping them learn new language and communication skills. It's such a blessing to watch how these new skills help each child learn and grow, making progress that transfers over to improving their everyday life!

Young, J 2023 Slate.JPG
Wallace, L 2023 06 Slate (1).JPG


Lucy Wallace MS,CCC-SLP Speech/Language Pathologist

Master's Communications and Sciences and Disorders

Longwood University 


I have always enjoyed helping, meeting, and connecting with others. This inspired me to become a speech-language pathologist. I find the opportunity to work with others and to help support their communication skills exciting. Communication is such a key element in daily life and relationships. It is very rewarding and humbling to me that I get to work with others to help foster and strengthen these skills.

Jalen Fountain, SLPA, Assistant Speech/Language Pathologist 

Bachelor of Science  

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

 I love being a SLPA to be able to see positive progress in the communication level of my clients and really building a rapport with clients to build lifelong memories and skills that they will apply in their everyday life and activities

Sarah Walsh, COTA, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Associate of Applied Science

Radford University Carilion 

What I love the most about Occupational Therapy is that I have the privilege of helping others and seeing them strive. Whether their goals are big or small, I want everyone to have an improved quality of life and I love to help others do so.

STEPHANIE ANDERSON, Client Services Manager

I enjoy watching the patients excel and hit milestones. It has been a great pleasure for me to watch SOTS continue to thrive and grow. I enjoy working for a company that loves their patients.



Jessica Hines, Office Manager

I’ve always loved helping others, and am so excited to celebrate every milestone with each patient.  It brings me such joy to see growth happen no matter how big or small! 

COURTNEY WRENN, Office Supervisor

I love interacting with the patients and families. I love seeing the patients grow and succeed in therapy.

ASHLEY NORRIS, Compliance Specialist

For me, the best part of working for SOTS is being a member of the amazing team who enjoy what they do because of the love they have for their patients!

JENNIFER WHITE,   Medical Billing Specialist

Working at SOTS brings me such joy and fulfillment! This amazing team is helping and touching so many lives of all ages. I am thankful to offer my support and contribute to their great work! The best part is seeing the smiles and progress of the patients they serve.

ERIC COTRELL, Helping Hands Team Member

I love working at SOTS and seeing the patients. It makes me so happy to work here.

JENNIFER HARTMAN, Helping Hands Team Member

I enjoy preparing food trays for our clients and I love the staff here!

KELSEY BRANDON, Helping Hands Team Member

I like to work here because I love to help people so much!

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