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We're here for you from your 1st birthday

through your golden years.​

Children  Services

From the first moment and throughout school age, we offer feeding, speech, and occupational therapies to help your child in each stage of growing. 

Adult Services

From a diagnosis, trauma, or difficulty, we offer speech and occupational therapies to help you or your loved one overcome challenges, maintain independence, and improve quality of life.


SOTS  helps all ages with picky eating, dysphagia (swallowing disorder), oral sensorimotor delays and disorders, 

chewing difficulties, tube-feed weaning, diet modifications, and jaw pain (TMJ-Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction).

Reading gives us access to joy, memories, work opportunities, and educational advancement.  SOTS offers help for all ages in the area of reading and literacy, using technology, traditional programs, and improving visual and auditory skills.

Autism affects communication, social, and daily living skills.  SOTS offers programs and treatments to form a comprehensive approach while tackling specialty areas such as behavior, sensory integration, and communication.  

Leading the Way for Teletherapy Speech & Occupational Therapy Services

What do patients say?

"My daughter gets excited  

coming to therapy.  She loves all her therapists and loves interacting 

with all the staff."

"I love everybody here. 

They are so nice."

"You guys have made such a difference in my son's life.  I can tell you love him.  We wouldn't want to go anywhere else."

What is a specialist in speech & occupational therapy?

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